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U480 OBDII EOBDII Memo Car Diagnostic Scanner

For sale in www.dshop2go.com U480 is a kind of auto device for reading and erasing trouble code in vehicles, sometimes called car reader. Though so small, light and handy, which is dynamic and fashionable in design, competitive in price and easy to use. U480 is specially designed for car owners or DIY. With a U480, you may quickly find out trouble causes (troubleshooter) of electronically controlled systems on your car, by simply connecting U480 with the diagnostic socket, via reading the trouble code (DTC) shown on U480, identifying, locating and checking out trouble causes with attached user´s manual.

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La Estación de la Familia

SI ESTAS EN PUERO RICO Ó VIENES DEL EXTERIOR Y QUIERES ANUNCIAR TU NEGOCIO LLAMANOS !!!     TENEMOS PAQUETES PROMOCIONALES COSTO EFECTIVOS PARA TÍ. Cubriendo toda el area metropolitana y este incluyendo a Vieques, Culebta e Islas Virgenes. Somos 92.1 FM Radio  BUSCANOS EN www.familia921.com  ¡ Musica Cristiana 24/7 !

Replacement Glass Lens Screen for iPhone 6

---Visit: www.dshop2go.com --- Glass lens screen is always weak and easy to break. Thus, it must be a good idea to buy this Replacement Glass Lens Screen for iPhone 6 as a spare part for you. Installed by a professional pry tool, our glass lens screen for will be the best replacement for wrong, cracked, damaged or faulty screen. It not only works as well as your former one, but also adds a new and bright look to make your cellphone full of freshness and style. Try it!